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Dive Into Tropical Team Building

  By Greg McLean 17/5/2018

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With an unrivalled playground encompassing the World-Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, team building activities in Port Douglas deliver tropi-cool fun for your delegates. The Business Events Port Douglas experts take full advantage of these startling natural wonders to serve up a smorgasbord of fun and challenging programs for corporate groups to enjoy and learn from.

Dive in and explore some of the tropical team-building opportunities that the Port Douglas Business Events professionals can create for you.


The Carbon Offset Challenge run by Port Douglas Events & Hire educates your VIPs on how to calculate the carbon emissions created in their day-to-day lives in the most delicious manner.

The challenge starts with a briefing on the importance of utilising fresh produce for slow foods before the group is divided into teams and given locations of the local farms where they can collect the ingredients for a lavish luncheon. Groups take note of their carbon footprint as they travel from farm to farm and then work together to transform their fresh recipe into sumptuous dishes judged by the chef. Teams then add their lunch challenge emissions to the group’s overall program consumption, measuring factors including travel, heat, light and power to the number of trees required to offset their carbon footprint. Once the carbon footprint has been established, teams are taken to a location and given the necessary tools to start planting. VIPs are not just treated to a fun day of learning, they get a huge sense of satisfaction in making a meaningful contribution to the conservation of the rainforest.


This Amazing Race-style activity hosted by the Wildlife Habitat encourages teams to bond and work together while exploring the nature park. Teams follow clues to checkpoints across the park, with bonus tasks and checkpoint challenges ensuring it’s not necessarily the fastest team that takes out the day but a combination of time, wildlife knowledge and listening skills that makes every team a contender. The experience stays with teams long after they reach the final checkpoint and the challenges can be tailored to deliver outcomes that suit your corporate goals.

After a fun day exploring the park, your VIPs can sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the licensed restaurant situated among the birds and native wildlife.


The Great Barrier Reef is a magical place for your VIPs to learn about the environment and how their everyday actions impact this iconic landmark. The Sheraton Grand Mirage Port Douglas can organise team activities to the Outer Reef where VIPs gather real time data on its health, then collate the information and use the results to learn how to protect the reef from human impacts. Quicksilver conceived Reef Biosearch 30 years ago combining tourism, education and research and invites VIPs to join marine biologists for an enlightening snorkel tour of the reef. As well as learning first-hand about how integral scientific research is to the preservation of the reef, VIPs gain an understanding of how everyone can benefit the reef with a few simple adjustments to their everyday routine.


Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures offer VIPs the chance to get hands-on with the plants and animals of the rainforest. VIPs can get involved in a rainforest restoration project, learn about koala conservation at one of the scientific sanctuaries established to protect them or participate in caring for the wildlife with the dedicated Hartley’s crew. Corporate groups experience a behind-the-scenes exploration of the rainforest created to suit their needs.


If your VIPs are brave enough walk the plank, Back Country Bliss runs a Pirate Boot Camp that teams them up to compete in a series of fun challenges ranging from spear-throwing and raft-building to bouldering walls and firing slingshots. Would-be pirates also contest a group tug-o-war, “croc wrestle”, traverse two trees on a slack line and create mocktails from the milk of the coconuts they de-husked on their way to searching for their hidden treasure.


Adventures Port Douglas can organise a treasure hunt of the land and sea featuring the most amazing backdrops in the world. Your VIPs follow the clues as they bike and hike through the rainforest to a magnificent waterfall, ride in the footsteps of our early explorers along a breathtaking mountain trail or discover the secrets of the Great Barrier Reef snorkelling, stand-up paddleboarding and even kite-surfing their way to an action-packed experience of the tropics.

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