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Case Study: ID Events Australia

  By Natalie Johnson 6/11/2019

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Between 2014 and 2019, Port Douglas welcomed an annual, multi wave, financial services incentive from North America. In 2020, the region will welcome a further five waves of 200 guests per wave – to again experience our incredible destination. In total, this incentive will have introduced a staggering 4500 delegates to where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.

Destination Management Company, ID Events Australia who manage the program, have been established since 1973 and provide total event production and destination management services. Internationally recognized as a leader in the incentive market, ID works with 24 of the world’s top 100 companies and 4 of the world tops 10 Fortune 500 companies. So why Port Douglas? We asked Karen Livermore, Director of Sales & Events at ID Events Australia, why this incentive continues to return year on year.

BEPD: What key factors do you believe attract North American incentive clients to Port Douglas?

KL: Without a doubt Port Douglas typifies the great Aussie resort dream. The Great Barrier Reef and the magic of the Daintree, coupled with the indigenous culture, are what every American client would love to experience.

BEPD: Repeat incentive visitation is not all that common – why does your client return to Port Douglas year on year?

KL: Service, consistency, safety and extraordinary high participant feedback!

BEPD: Thinking about next year, will the client offer the same program again? Why / why not?

KL: As far as we are aware, they will almost certainly duplicate what has become a tried and tested first class experience. Why break what isn’t broken?

BEPD: If the client could add anything to their program to enhance the Port Douglas experience, what would it be?

KL: Some extra budget to do another evening event would be something we’d love. But the program is very successful as is.

BEPD: As a DMC, what keeps Port Douglas Daintree top of mind to you, and confident the destination will deliver?

KL: In this industry, with (often) very short deadlines and very fussy clients who have seen everything and done everything, we need reliability in partners. ID will always vet new suppliers, but once we establish partnerships, we are loyal. Over the many years of working in region, we know its limitations, but we have also seen industry rally to expand them. For these reasons we are fans of the region.

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