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Wildlife Habitat

Immerse yourself in the wild...

The award-winning Wildlife Habitat, located in Port Douglas, provides visitors with a chance to experience the Wetlands, Rainforest, Savannah and Woodlands environments in an open and interactive setting.

Make your way along the boardwalk of the Rainforest environment, and fully immerse yourself in the layers of the rainforest, from the floor to the canopy, whilst admiring the wildlife which occupies this world, including the southern cassowary.

Wander our stork walk in the Wetlands and look out for the range of birds and other wildlife that call the area home, including the Black-Necked Storks. Make your way to the top of the elevated Stork Tower and enjoy an unprecedented view of their nest (and eggs, if you’re lucky!)

Savannah Habitat offers you the opportunity to hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies, admire the Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroos, and smile at a Crocodile.

Join a guided tour with one of our experienced Wildlife Keepers to learn more about the wildlife inhabiting the park. You can cuddle a Koala, small crocodile or snake, and get a photo to remember the occasion.

Wildlife Habitat is your perfect venue for a truly unique offsite event, ½ day activity, CSR activity or even a kids club (day or evening). Ask us for more details on any of these options.

Wildlife Habitat, Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas QLD, Australia


"From the outset, everyone was extremely surprised by your new, classy, top-shelf venue. That sure set the scene. They were expecting the afternoon to be good; but not that good! We were all blown away by your beach concept. You are on a winner there. As you are well aware, it is an ideal, intimate venue for weddings, and corporate and private functions. Bet it looks even more stunning at night under twinkling lights. What a great concept that paella was. Far different to our usual alternate-drop-chicken-or steak! Paella is a tough one to get right. And it sure was right. Everyone loved it. Bet the leftovers are going down well too. And didn't all your staff do a wonderful job; very attentive and with lovely smiles on their faces. Happy workers, and deserving of lots of praise from us. Again, thank you so much for your above-the-call-of-duty efforts. Your generosity and fellowship is very, very much appreciated by all."

Gordon Wellham| Skal International Cairns

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